According to Members of CIFAS, the UK’s Fraud Prevention Service, during the first quarter of 2012 it was confirmed that the age of data-enabled fraud has truly arrived. The abuse of identity details, such as dates of birth, postcodes and internet logins, now accounts for two thirds of all frauds.



Identity fraud could affect any one of us – from a personal and a business perspective. Finding out that someone has stolen your identity is not just an inconvenience, it can be devastating – so ‘Don’t Let it Be You!’ New research shows that 24% of UK citizens have been a victim of identity fraud, which is the highest figure in Europe, plus a further 75% have been exposed to scams used by identity fraudsters.



Just 5% of British people are 100% confident that the organisations they deal with treat their personal information in such a way that it will not accidentally fall into identity fraudsters’ hands – meaning 95% are not completely confident in this respect.