Action Fraud

Action Fraud case studies – Sept 2012

Name: Stephen

Fraud loss amount: £1200

Fraud incident description:

Stephen believed his bank card was cloned, perhaps at a cash machine. He got a call from his bank to alert him to some potentially fraudulent transactions. His card was blocked and the money was refunded. Then four weeks later he got a letter from a phone network to say “welcome customer” and that he had taken out a contract for a mobile phone, but his contract is withO2 and he did not take out this new contract. This company in particular said all his personal details were correct, so he must have taken out the contract. The contract was taken out on the same day as the fraudulent activity took place on his bank card.

He contacted the phone network and they stopped the contract straight away and asked him to fill in a form which he did. However, the phone company contested his version of events, and said that it was not fraud as a card and PIN was used to identify the person. However the name on the account had slightly different spelling, by one letter, and Stephen also lives over 250 miles away from the store, and was at work the day this happened and had his card with him. Stephen was fighting with the company over this for months, but they have now accepted that it was fraud.

Stephen is not sure how it could have happened, and wonders if his card was cloned from a cash machine. In talking to him, however, he also said that he thinks he was the victim of a PayPal phishing scam. He had an email, supposedly from PayPal, where he was asked to confirm all his account details. He thought the email looked legit, so he provided the details as requested. He thinks that because he gave all his card details, including the 3 digits on the back, that his card could have been cloned this way.

This activity has had a direct impact on his Stephen’s credit rating, because of the default on payments to the phone company. He urges others to watch out for the dangers and advise them to regularly check their credit report.

Name: Shea

Fraud loss amount: £725.74

Fraud incident description:

Shea received a letter from his bank telling him that his joint account was overdrawn.

He went onto the local branch and found that a finance lending company had taken 9 different amounts out of the account, totalling £725.74. He cancelled the debit card to prevent further fraudulent activity.

He found out that the loans had been taken out in someone else’s name, but that it was to be paid back in his name and using his address details. He is surprised that a loan could be so easily taken out without any thorough checks.

He is not sure how this could have happened. He and his partner are now very careful with their personal details, and they make sure to shred.  The repayments completely cleared out their bank account and caused a lot of distress for him and his partner

He says that the finance lending company has traced the person responsible, but won’t disclose who it is because of data protection. He is pursuing the organisation for compensation.

His advice is to be vigilant to any suspicious activity. Check bank statements regularly for anything unusual. Look after personal information and report anything amiss straight away.


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